Understanding medical lien funding is key.


For Attorneys

Life Care Planning, Vocational and Economic Damages on a Lien

In this virtual panel discussion, Personal Injury Attorney, David Wattel, moderates an insightful review inclusive of what constitutes a complete damages presentation, the plaintiff’s obligation to prove up all claims and how to identify and examine case opportunities with Certified Life Care Planner, Rob Tremp, and Certified Valuation Analyst, Nik Volkov.

Using Telemedicine to Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries

Dr. Sheel Patel, CEO of Cogent Health joins Anthony Pirie, DC in a previously recorded virtual panel discussion moderated by Personal Injury Attorney, Dave Wattel. Tune in for an outstanding review of when to refer patients for Comprehensive Psychological and Neurocognitive Evaluation, how Traumatic Brain Injuries are assessed and why partnering with NHF makes caring for Personal Injury victims easier.


For Healthcare Providers

How to Improve Your PI Cases and Get More Attorney Referrals Without Changing the Way You Practice

In this webinar, hosted by The American Institute of Personal Injury Physicians (AIPIP), learn how to improve your case / co-management skills, including the what, how, when and why of clinical decisions in treating personal injury patients.

Panelists will discuss:
• How Case / Co-Management Impacts PI Profitability
• Simple Steps to Improve Management Options & Consistency
• How to Successfully Overcome Common Management Obstacles

The Value of a Viable Lien Funding Partner

Healthcare Providers who treat personal injury patients and typically hold medical liens or work under LOPs, would benefit from the value of a viable lien funding partner like National Health Finance. Lien funding is a financial resource with better recovery rates than lien holding, in house management or external billing companies.

Grow Your Practice by Treating Personal Injury Patients

If you are looking to grow your overall revenue, did you know that adding personal injury patients to your caseload can help? Dr. Anthony Pirie DC reviews the basics on how you can easily grow your practice by treating personal injury patients and why now is the perfect time to get started with NHF.

5 Steps to Treat Personal Injury Patients More Effectively

Are you productive in treating personal injury patients? Find out from Dr. Anthony Pirie DC as he shares five steps that can help your practice tremendously!