For more than 20 years, NHF has partnered with Attorneys to achieve a comprehensive medical network, maximum patient recovery and effective case management for personal injury victims.

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Three Common Goals


We work with thousands of Healthcare Providers to get your clients the treatment they need.

NHF has working relationships with experienced physicians, surgeons, medical imaging, telemedicine and healthcare facilities across the United States. Your clients will receive high-end and reputable medical care from our network of Healthcare Providers.

MAXIMUM Patient Recovery

Our coordination of care supports attorneys from injury through settlement.

Time-consuming calls, collecting bills & records and negotiating reductions can all be done through us, allowing you and your staff to focus on your client’s claim. Access, download and request bills & records 24/7 on our secure online portal so your office can submit a timely demand.

EFFECTIVE Case Management

NHF partners with you to get your clients the care they deserve.

Stop spending time and energy directing your clients through the treatment phase. Our knowledgeable, bilingual healthcare liaisons will assist you and your staff in facilitating client treatment recommendations to make this an easy and efficient process.

Innovative medical lien funding.

Locate a Healthcare Provider

Use the map below to search our comprehensive NHF Provider Network

If you need a healthcare provider not found on this map, please call (877) 643-0010 or contact us with your request. Locations on this map may be subject to change.

Life Care Planning, Vocational and Economic Damages on a Lien

Catastrophic and Non-Catastrophic Injuries
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In this virtual panel discussion, Personal Injury Attorney, David Wattel, moderates an insightful review inclusive of what constitutes a complete damages presentation, the plaintiff’s obligation to prove up all claims and how to identify and examine case opportunities with Certified Life Care Planner, Rob Tremp, and Certified Valuation Analyst, Nik Volkov.

Telemedicine Provider

Virtual HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Evaluations
on a Lien

Comprehensive Psychological and Cognitive Care
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Dr. Sheel Patel, CEO of Cogent Health joins Anthony Pirie, DC in a previously recorded virtual panel discussion moderated by Personal Injury Attorney, Dave Wattel. Tune in for an outstanding review of when to refer patients for Comprehensive Psychological and Neurocognitive Evaluation, how Traumatic Brain Injuries are assessed and why partnering with NHF makes caring for Personal Injury victims easier.

Benefits to Strategic Attorneys

Save approximately 15 hours per case directing your clients through the treatment phase.

NHF Customer Relations


Most frequent questions and answers. Please call (877) 643-0010 with additional questions.

  • It’s who we are that makes us different. We value relationships and believe in the nature of this business which helps the you, the Healthcare Provider and the Personal Injury Patient. 
  • We provide innovative medical lien funding. Since 1999, NHF has made sure you have access to cutting-edge services your clients need on a lien basis.
  • Many of our employees have worked at NHF for several years and have the experience needed to help personal injury victims get the care that they need and deserve.
  • We believe in education. We offer resources to help your staff understand the intricacies of medical lien funding and conduct in-office or virtual training on how we best support your needs.
  • The cases we fund involve a plaintiff who has suffered an injury due to the fault of someone else.
  • We fund the Medical Treatment for most 3rd Party Liability cases, which include: Personal Injury, Premise Liability, Dog Bites, Slip and Fall, Product Liability, Class Action (Mass Tort), Maritime, Excessive Force, and occasionally others.
  • No. There are no fees and no interest your firm or your client are responsible for. NHF does not charge any added fee or cost associated with medical care received.
  • We have built a network of over 3,000+ reputable healthcare providers nationwide with various specialties including:
    • Durable Medical Equipment
    • Facility
    • Imaging
    • Laboratory
    • Life Care Planning
    • Neurology
    • Neuropsychology
    • Neurosurgery
    • Ortho-Extremity
    • Ortho-Spine
    • Pain Management
    • Pharmacy (formulary & compound)
    • Physical Therapy
    • Primary Care
    • Psychology
    • Telehealth
  • In order to protect the integrity of the medical bill, our lien is full-recourse. We understand that your client is in a tough spot, which is why we will work with you and your client on a reasonable solution.
  • If your client has health insurance, in most states they can opt out of using it. If they are unable or unwilling to pay their medical treatment out-of-pocket, we can help.
  • If your client does not have health insurance, has a high-deductible plan that your client can’t afford to pay, or if they are denied coverage, contact NHF.

Need help with a new client on a lien or letter of protection basis?

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