Mix & Mingle with NHF and Personal Injury Assessment Centers – Tempe, AZ


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After a long year of keeping our distance, we were happy to catch up with personal injury attorneys and healthcare providers. Attendees were able to visit with Jeff Borchardt, the President of our national telemedicine provider, Personal Injury Assessment Centers, and learn about the virtual and in person Psychological Evaluation and Treatment Services PIAC offers for Personal Injury Clients

Personal Injury Assessment Centers (PIAC) has been assisting clients of attorneys and patients of physicians at managing and overcoming psychological issues following a traumatic event. PIAC focusses strictly on personal injury cases (they do not accept health insurance of any kind) and has been in operation approximately three and a half years now.  Since that time, they have amassed over 1800 referrals from attorneys and physicians and have expanded into 36 other states.  Their group of mental health specialists – which includes a seasoned forensic psychologist with 40+ years of experience – are trauma-focused and can assist your clients in managing or overcoming any symptoms or conditions they acquired during the traumatic event they’ve experienced.

For clients who seek privacy, have busy schedules, are facing transportation issues or have acquired a phobia of driving due to the event – their business model has primarily (85%) been teletherapy/telemedicine.  With the threat of Covid-19, however, they have transitioned to teletherapy 100% of the time. With that having been type written, as soon as it is safe to reopen, we plan to pepper local cities within the state of Arizona with therapists who will see clients face-to-face.

Once a referral is received (and once treatment has ended), PIAC will try to follow-up with attorneys, paralegals, case managers and physicians to gather feedback.  Countless times they are told by these professionals that they did not know a company like PIAC existed and they wished they would have known about PIAC sooner. Because of comments like these, it sounds as if PIAC is filling a huge need!

Jenny Barmach