Mix & Mingle with Dr. Lawrence R. Miller & Dr. David Rogers – Beverly Hills, CA


Above SIXTY Beverly Hills

It was a beautiful rooftop networking event with Pain Management Specialist Lawrence Miller, MD, FIPP & Orthopedic Spine Surgeon David Rogers, MD who spoke to attendees about how they help personal injury victims using spinal cord stimulation & lumbar discectomy.

NHF is committed to fostering symbiotic relationships with Attorneys and Healthcare Providers to promote fair settlement outcomes between patients, Attorneys and medical lien holders.

“I am available to discuss the benefits of laser discectomy for your clients as I believe this is a preferable option for some patients. This procedure has an 85% success rate, and the down time is minimal. This revolutionary procedure has changed the lives of many of my pain patients. I am available to discuss this option for clients at any time that is convenient for you.”

Lawrence Miller, MD, FIPP
(213) 804-4574

“I and my team are happy to help the patients with their spine care needs including nonoperative spine treatment and/or surgical spine treatment. With regard to surgical spine treatment, I specialize in performing cervical spine surgeries, lumbar spine surgeries, and spinal cord stimulation procedures.”

Best regards,
David Rogers, MD
(818) 966-5915

Jenny Barmach